Lawyer at the Bandaka Bar (DR Congo) and advisor to the International Criminal Court as well as foreign legal advisor (C.I.E), member of the Quebec bar in Canada.

Maître Faustin Muyembe has legal training obtained in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Great Britain, France and Canada. With this multidisciplinary expertise, Me Muyembe brings in-depth knowledge of the areas of mining law, environmental law and victims’ rights, particularly in the context of extractive or other activities presenting risks for individuals and communities.

His collaboration with the Pierre Félix Kandolo firm in North America demonstrates his commitment to the advancement of legal standards and ethical practices in law. In addition, Me Muyembe assists public or private institutions, including Canadian employers with interests in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in various procedures related to work authorizations, immigration rights compliance and authenticity verification. administrative documents and academic titles. These services are also available to individuals.

As a focal point for legal services and support for English-speaking clients, Me Muyembe offers clear expertise tailored to the specific needs of companies operating in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Furthermore, it highlights his commitment to networking and continuing education as a legal professional, thus demonstrating his commitment to access to justice for all, regardless of their language or nationality. An active member of the Association of Quebec Immigration Lawyers, Avocats Sans Frontières Canada and the Société québécoise de droit international, he thus contributes to promoting good practices and enriching exchanges within the legal community.


  • Master of Laws (LL.M), Laval University, Quebec, Canada
  • Master of laws LLM, University of Portsmouth, England
  • Diploma of in-depth studies in the practice of human rights, Catholic Institute of Lyon, France
  • Bachelor’s degree, BA European Studies and LL,M Law, University of Portsmouth, England

Scientific publications Works

  • Is Privacy Protection Enough?: A Comparison of English and French Legal Approaches, Lambert Academic Publishing, 2012
  • The Presumption of Innocence: A Comparison of English and French Legal Approaches, Lambert Academic Publishing, 2011

Other scientific publications

  • “The inadequacies of the notion of the right of access to drinking water”, Revue libre de Droit, 2021, pp. 82-106
  • Violations of the right to water attributable to the State: the example of the Democratic Republic of Congo, master’s thesis in law, Université Laval, 2020